What To Look For When Buying Headphones?

Here is the Best Headphones Guide for You..

Not every single individual is going to be methodical about the headphones they use. Some people are fairly relaxed about their expectations when putting on a pair, and as long as they can hear something, all is good.

Then you get people that will read articles like this because choosing the right set of headphones is nothing short of critical. And if you share in this passion, there are several things you want to look for when buying great headphones.

Will The Headphones Live Up To The Purpose You Need It For?

First off, you need a Headphone Guide.. You have to ask whether the headphone design will fulfill the purpose you need them for? Yes, everyone uses them to listen to music and even make phone calls. But assuming for a second you are a CrossFit athlete, and you want music during your WODs. You can't just take any pair of headphones and go with the flow.

Variables, that are discussed a little later, play into how most comfortable the headphones will be during the actions you are performing. And in order to achieve comfort, you have to buy the right pair best budget of headphones.

Now, ask yourself what you will be doing? If you like swimming with headphones, you need a complete water resistant design, a waterproof headphone. If you are a runner, you want to check whether the headphones are protected from sweat and moisture.

If you are going to use headphones for entertainment purposes, like watching movies or playing games with in-ear gaming headphones on xbox or computer.. You definitely want to keep reading our Headphones Guide with Reviews  & Tips.

The Fit

Different headphone designs mean a different fit. More specifically, you want to decide whether you want the headphones to cup your ears, or do you want them slipping inside the ear, which appears more discreet?

For the most part, the purpose you'll be using the headphones for can help you to decide the best fit. But you also want to look at the other parts of the headphone design. For example, does it have wires connecting everything, or is everything Bluetooth?

These are details that might not matter if you are using headphones in a relaxed situation. But if you are working out with music in your ears, these details can mess up your rhythm.

Be aware of neckbands that don't come off, and try to anticipate how the headphones are going to fit.

The Sound Quality

Naturally, you can't invest in headphones if they are cheap but can't produce a good quality sound. This means enough base should be present, while the high and mid-tones come through balanced and smooth. You want to buy, for example, the best headphones for guitar amp or the best headphones for electronic drums or the best headphones for e-piano. If you can get headphones with a graphic equalizer, even better. Then you can customize exactly the type of sound you want.


If possible, test the sound of the headphones before making a purchase. But if you are buying them online, read a couple of honest reviews first. The last thing you want is a set of headphones that look cool but sound bad.

Noise Cancellation 

An element that is becoming more and more relevant with headphones has to be the noise cancellation capabilities. Although, not everyone appreciates this feature. So, you have to decide if you feel comfortable blocking out all ambient noise when wearing the headphones, or do you still want to hear some manner of sound?

It's a personal choice that neither brings down or increases the value of headphones, but there are designs that cater to both. They usually come with additional ear tips, which serve as ambient noise blockers.

Be sure to look whether the headphones you like come with extra goodies, like noise-cancellation tips.

Durability And Overall Quality

User reviews can be brutal sometimes, but they are good for consumers who have yet to try a product. And when it comes to the durability of headphones, customers will have no problem airing their opinion right next to where the headphones are being advertised.

Seeing as you can't take the headphones for a test run, you can't know how long they will last until you buy and use them. So find those reviews about the headphones before you buy them.

Keep in mind that some designs can reach some high prices, and if you are willing to put down the money, the headphones need to be worth the price. In other words, you want to die before they do.

Additional Features

Headphone designs have definitely changed over the years. Because not only do they look and sound much better, but they can also be convenient. Here are some common additional features being added to headphones, just in case you were wondering if they are available.

- Bluetooth Connection

The Bluetooth connection is not new, but the quality of the connection can still be debated. Because no every set of Bluetooth headphones can maintain the same distances or scale certain disturbances. If you are looking for headphones to pair with your phone

- Making And Receiving Calls

For the corporate individuals who can't live without their phone but still want to enjoy a run with music, there are designs that allow you to make and take phone calls. The music automatically pauses when you pick up, and it starts playing again when the call ends. Is this a feature you want for your headphones?

- Wireless Technology

Just how wireless do you want to go? Because thanks to the diverse selection of headphone designs, you can go with a minimalist fit where no wires are involved, not even a wire to connect the earpieces. Instead, when you take them out, you put them on a portable charge station.

Additional Support 

Finally, do you get additional ear tips to help you customize the fit? For instance, if you know you have smaller ears and typically struggle with standard-sized headphones, do the headphones allow for any type of adjustments?

Once you start shopping, you will be introduced to a grand scale of headphones, ranging from affordable to high-end and very sleek. But if you stick to the advice mentioned above, you should be able to break through the noise and find the best headphones.

We hope our Headphones Guide helps you find the Best Headphone for yourself.