TREBLAB Z2 – Premium Sports Wireless Headphones

  • INCREDIBLE SOUND QUALITY — Z2 Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones come with advanced Sound 2.0 technology and aptX high-performance neodymium-backed 40mm speakers. Get ready to experience goose-bump inducing sound quality!
  • YOU’LL BE EXCITED TO WORKOUT — Z2 best sports wireless headphones are made to kick you into gear and focus on your workout. They’re super-comfortable, made of premium, ultra-soft materials that will hug the outline of your ear for a custom fit. That means they won’t slip around when you run, jump or kick! In fact, you’ll barely know they’re there.
  • ACTIVE NOISE-CANCELLING, SO YOU STAY IN THE ZONE — When you’re working out hard, the last thing you want is distractions. That’s why the TREBLAB Z2 wireless over-ear headphones come with T-Quiet active noise-cancelling technology. They block out all those irritating external sounds so you can focus on your music and your fitness.
  • THE HEADPHONES THAT NEVER STOP — Our headphones come with an unbreakable Bluetooth connection, so they won’t let you down when it matters. Never run out of juice with incredible 35 hour of play from our PlayXTend battery.